Real estate offerings are being developed in 40 provinces, nationwide, featuring varied products from luxury apartments in major city centers, to smart metropolitans in the economic zones of Vietnam. So that each real estate product is  not only steeped in Vietnamese cultural distinctiveness but also reflects the highest global values, advanced technology and new architectural achievements, the Group has actively established cooperative relationships with prestigious and experienced global giants such as WATG, Nippon Koei, Humphrey & Partners, AREP, Belt Collins, Hirsch Bedner Associates, Bruce Henderson Architects, etc.

T&T Group brand products are derived from the best of the world and of Vietnamese culture. T&T Group brand projects are conceived to inherit and develop local values and national culture, creating everlasting values for the community & society.

T&T Group aims to create perfect living spaces with premium services & utilities as a reliable background for the ideal life: international standard green - comfortable - smart life for residential communities. With its vision of synchronous and long-term orientation planning for the best benefits to the investors, T&T Group’s highlight projects create an economic ecosystem for the residential community in particular and whole project site in general.

Real estate products include:

  • Apartment, Commercial Housing & Township Developments
  • Hotel & Resort, Amusement Park
  • Office for lease & Shopping Mall
  • Industrial Park
  • Agricultural Real Estate

A large proportion of T&T Group’s real estate products are residential projects which are diversified and tailored to the needs of consumers. The apartment, commercial housing & township projects which are developed, distributed, operated and managed by the Group are always diversified and well matched with various customer segments in their respective major cities throughout Vietnam.

T&T Group real estate products are characterized by their unique architecture and a curated blend of global and Vietnamese design attributes, utilizing Vietnamese cultural and art materials in their designs and decorative patterns. With a vision to create a sophisticated and healthy living community, the buildings and urban areas utilize smart and cutting-edge equipment, environmental protections, energy-efficient solutions, etc., and offer a green living environment for all residents. Especially, the products are planned with harmonious living spaces to be tailored to various needs of the residents.

Moreover, the commercial and township areas are concentrated to make the urban area become vivid and attractive destinations for surrounding area.

The smart mega-cities developed by T&T Group, with scales ranging from one hundred to thousands of hectares, are located at strategic positions, and are characterized by their smart and convenient designs which serve their client’s living demands, including schools, hospitals - Utility system to serve for living demand: Resort & commerce, service, sport and amusement parks.


Hotel, Resort and Amusement Park Products are developed in accordance with the highest international standards to offer experiences to clients which stand out among others in the same market segment. This also brings profitability to potential investors and partners involving in domestic and international residence services.

T&T Group has actively established relationships with worldwide architectural design, interior fitting-out, management and operations partners to provide am International standard resort experience. Each resort’s architecture style is a feature, with hotels inspired by Vietnams cultural essence and offers special character that strongly impresses Vietnamese and foreign visitors alike.

T&T Group also focuses on developing cultural activities, programs and events to attract visitors, improving the client’s distinctive brand experience at resorts and hotels managed and operated by the Group.  A luxurious and interesting relax - entertainment - recreation - discovery - connection environment is also designed to facilitate a life with full values to clients.

T&T Group brand hotels and resorts are built and operated under sustainable development criteria: Using environmentally friendly materials; generating jobs for local labor, facilitating economic development in the area where the project is launched by T&T Group, offering the economic values to the society.

Our portfolio is categorized into four product segments:  

  • Perido Boutique Hotels: Truly defined luxury boutique hotels where international detail-oriented mindset meets local cultures inspiration.
  • Scapolite Hotels/Condotels/Residences: Located at strategic destinations, Scapolite Hotels, Condotels and Serviced Apartments are designed to meet the demands of cosmopolitans, catered to those who consider travel not just as a journey but a statement of their lifestyle.
  • Tourmaline Resorts: Situated at the most pristine beaches in Vietnam, Tourmaline Resorts are famous for their charming resorts with attentive services that create enjoyable and unforgettable vacation experiences to every traveler.
  • Amusement Parks: located in dense and popular urban areas, cultural centers across the country.

T&T Group is actively developing a series of cutting-edge and multipurpose offices and shopping mall, in addition to offering leasing and management of commercial spaces ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 square meters. T&T Group's commercial brands includes restaurants, service facilities (culinary, entertainment and amusement park, etc.), meeting halls - rooms and offices for lease.

The broad footprint of Office Buildings and Shopping Malls mean that Group’s brands open up comprehensive and long-term cooperation opportunities with domestic and regional commercial retail brands, including:

  • T&T Building Office – officetel: A series of Office building and Officetel projects
  • T&T Shophouse: commercial shop houses in T&T Group’s developments
  • T&T City Office: Office spaces for lease
  • T&T City Mall: Independent and large-scale shopping center
  • T&T CityPlaza: Standard shopping mall
  • T&T City Center: High-end shopping center, located at the heart of cities
  • T&T Cityshop: Utility shopping center, located at retail podium of T&T Group’s building

Utilizing the large land area in the key economic corridors of the country, T&T Group invests in professional development of industrial zones, including:

  • Green - clean urban areas;
  • Hi-tech Industrial Zones combined with state of the art logistics and infrastructure managed by 4.0 modern innovations;
  • Research & Development Centers and Industrial & Technology Exhibition Centers;

Toward the goal of National Agricultural Development where Vietnam becomes the capital of high-tech agriculture in Southeast Asia, T&T Group has been actively participating in strategic planning and investment of projects which include:

  • Smart Agriculture Cities, Seed Incubation, Research and Development Center, model farms integrated with experience tourism;
  • Hi-tech Processing Zones, Agricultural Seed Incubation Zones;
  • Product display areas, product trading centers in agricultural center across Vietnam.