With over 15 years of experience in real estate developing and strong financial resources, T&T Group is now focusing on development and investment of substantial real estate projects in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Phu Quoc as well as other cities and provinces in Vietnam.

T&T Group and its subsidiaries are actively working on planning, investment, management and operation of hundreds of projects with land bank up to millions of square meters of hundreds of projects.

In general, T&T Group’s projects can be categorized into five key segments:

    • Apartment, Commercial Housing & Township developments
    • Hotel & Resort, Amusement Park
    • Office for lease & Shopping mall
    • Industrial Zone
    • Agricultural Real Estate

With a large proportion of T&T Group’s real estate products, our residential projects are diversified and tailored to the need of customer.

The most distinctive attributes of T&T Group projects are its prime location in major economic hubs, with high connectivity from existing and future infrastructures in the central districts of major cities in Vietnam.

The major townships developed by T&T Group are sized from 400,000 square meters to 40,000,000 square meters, are highly sought by market because of its green living spaces, fast and convenient connectivity to cities center.


T&T Group has made significant investment in development of luxury hotels & resorts and amusement parks located in the center of big cities, economic centers and tourist areas along the country such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Nghe An, etc. With the orientation of real estate service development with distinctive brand experience from T&T Group, our portfolio is categorized into four product segments:

  • Perido Boutique Hotels: Truly defined luxury boutique hotels where international detail-oriented mindset meets local cultures inspiration
  • Scapolite Hotels/Condotels/Residences: Located at strategic destinations, Scapolite Hotels, Condotels and Service Apartments are designed to meet the demands of cosmopolitans, catered to those who consider travel not just as a journey but a statement of their lifestyle.
  • Tourmaline Resorts: Situated at the most pristine beaches in Vietnam, Tourmaline Resorts are famous for charming resorts with attentive services to create enjoyable and unforgettable vacation experience to every traveler.
  • Amusement Parks: located at big urban areas, cultural centers across the country.

T&T Group is actively developing a series of office, shopping mall, as well as offering leasing and management of commercial spaces ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 square meters. T&T Group's commercial brand includes:

  • T&T Building Office – Officetel: A series of Office building and Officetel projects
  • T&T Shop house: commercial shop houses in T&T Group’s developments
  • T&T City Office: Office spaces for lease.
  • T&T City Mall: Independent and large-scale shopping center.
  • T&T City Plaza: Standard shopping center.
  • T&T City Center: High-end shopping center, located at the heart of cities
  • T&T City Shop: Utility shopping center, located at retail podium of T&T Group’s building

Utilizing the large land area on the key economic corridors of the country, T&T Group invests in the professional development of industrial zone, including:

  • Sustainable Industrial zone – enhancing economic development while safeguarding environment
  • Hi-tech Industrial zones combined with state of the art logistics infrastructure managed by 4.0 modern innovations.
  • Incubation, Research & Development centers and Industrial & Technology exposition centers

Toward the goal of National agriculture development, by 2020, Vietnam will become the capital of high-tech agriculture in Southeast Asia, T&T Group has been actively participating in strategic planning and investment of projects, including:

  • Seed research and development institutes; Hi-tech Farming and Agricultural production zones
  • Product display areas, product trading centers in agricultural center across Vietnam