Industry and Trading has always been one of the core businesses that have contributed to the prosperity of the T&T Group since 1995.

Today, the Group focuses on development of key industries, affirming its leading position in the modern supply chain of Vietnam, ASEAN & World, including:

  • Investing, managing and operating large-scale food and beverage processing plants in Vietnam;
  • Manufacturing and trading agricultural products, hardware and civil electricity;
  • Managing and operating the system of shops, supermarkets, wholesale and retail shopping malls nationwide;
  • Promoting import and export activities of general goods;
  • Investing in High-tech Logistics Center and Offshore Investment.

Through a network of strategic associates in the consumer food manufacturing industry, T&T Group is currently investing and completing large-scale production lines, products including: beer and soft drinks, candies, cashews, canned vegetables, etc.

T&T Group is focusing on becoming the leading cashew producer and processor in Vietnam, with development of state of the art cashew processing lines in Binh Phuoc.

In addition, T&T Group also invested in the food packaging segment, and is actively improving the production line of tin cans, two-three piece cans to complete the closed production chain of the network of subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures in food processing industry.


With a network of local and international leading companies and strategic partners in the fields of agricultural production and consumer goods, T&T Group is promoting merchandise distribution, wholesale and retail activities in order to complete the domestic and international production-consumption supply chain through supermarkets and distribution network via traditional & modern channels.

T&T Group, together with SHB Bank, has cooperated with Amazon Global Selling for training Manpower 4.0 and supporting Vietnamese enterprises to export on e-commerce platforms through the banking system.


With a strong financial capability, international trade has always been a strength of T&T Group since 2010.

In export, our main export market include: North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, China, Africa and 20 other countries across the globe. Our major products includes agriculture products, nuts, art & handicraft products, wooden furniture, electric fan motors and knitwear.

In import, T&T Group's average total annual imports value is approximately USD 600 millions. The Group, combined with its members and affiliates, is the third biggest importers of raw material for animal feed productions in Vietnam for many consecutive years. In 2019, T&T Groups inked the biggest deal in the history of world's cashew industry.


T&T Group has cooperated with leading logistics corporations in Asia to invest in developing International IDC & Logistics Center with the application of artificial intelligence (AI), connectivity technology (IoT) and Industry 4.0 technologies in Vietnam. The project is expected to become the hub of global supply chain connecting Vietnam, ASEAN, the Asia and the world.

Our system of warehouses and storage yards is located in provinces and cities belonging to important economic corridors such as Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh - Ho Chi Minh City, etc. This will be the foundation for T&T Group to develop industrial zones that are linked with state of the art logistics infrastructure, offering services to our clients and partners.

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