Since 2000s, T&T Group has been operating in strategic management board at prestigious financial institutions in Banking, Securities, and Insurance companies.

Currently, T&T Group is one of the founding shareholders, as well as majority shareholder of many credible institutions:

Saigon - Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SHB)

Saigon - Hanoi Securities Joint Stock Company (SHS)

Saigon - Hanoi Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (BSH)


T&T Group is the only major shareholder at SHB, is one of the five biggest Vietnamese Private Joint Stock Commercial Banks. With the slogan “Solid partners, flexible solutions”, SHB’s vision is to be in Top 3 largest private commercial banking institution in Vietnam, complying with Basel II standard.

SHB is constantly improving and innovating to provide customers with effective digital banking services and top leading multi-functional retail bank solutions in Vietnam, with an eye to becoming a strong financial enterprise that meets international standards by 2025.

With more than 530 transaction offices in Vietnam and abroad, SHB is serving roughly 4 million clients and enterprises, with a connection network of over 400 correspondent banks worldwide, a representative office in Myanmar, and wholly-owned subsidiaries in Lao, Cambodia.

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T&T Group is the founding shareholder of Saigon Hanoi Securities (SHS). The company operating supplying stock brokerage services, investment consultancy, deposit and shareholders' register management, financial services, financial consultantcy, underwriting and bidding services.

SHS vision is to become the leading stock broker in Vietnam, as well as a credible financial institution on Asia stock market. SHS is actively working towards realizing this goals by constantly increasing its financial expertise, professionalism, as well as expanding its network, domestically and internationally.

SHS’s branch offices are located in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and representative office in Dong Nai to satisfy demands of all clients and partners.

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BSH is ranked among top 11 life insurance companies in Vietnam, with the vision to be among Top 5 insurance company in Vietnam in 2022, as well as a strong financial institution in 2030.

BSH specializes in 7 core insurance products: Human, Motor vehicles, Marine, Asset, Goods, Technical insurance, Responsibility. BSH network widely covers all over Vietnam, with 46 subsidiaries and 2,200 agents in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

BSH has been actively establishing business partnerships with credible famous insurers like Swiss Re, Munich Re, CCR, Korean Re, Trans Re, Catlin and many more to be named. With a strong partnership networks, BSH ensures sufficient insurance liability for constructions, projects, and assets valued USD billions.

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